A guide on what to include on your wedding RSVP's

Sincerely May - A guide on what to include on your wedding RSVP's

Ever wondered what to include on your RSVP? Then we are here to help. We get many of our couples wondering what to include and these are our top 5 suggestions:

1 - Make sure you get your guests to write their names on their RSVP. There is nothing worse than receiving an RSVP back from one of your guests but not knowing who it is from?! 

2 - Ensure you include a date that you want your guests to RSVP by. This will save any frustrations and also help you make any last minute changes to your guest list...! It will also give you enough time to bump up any evening guests to day guests if you receive any no's from your original guest list! 

3 - Guest Numbers Box - It might be worth adding this, especially if you are inviting a family. This will help if not all family members are coming. It is best not to assume when it comes to wedding guest lists... especially when 1 x guest can be £50 a head! 

4 - Including a menu choice section is essential if you are asking your guests to choose from a pre-planned menu. It looks prettier than your guests's menu choices scrawled on the back of the RSVP as their is no space on the front for them to tell you!

5 - Want to ensure you have a dance floor that is always full and you are having a DJ or a band that takes requests? Then why not ask your guest's to write a song choice. This will ensure that your dance floor is always full...!

In the coming weeks we will be giving you a guide on what to include on your invitations and information cards so keep your eyes peeled. In the mean time if you have any questions just drop us an email.

Cathryn May