5 common mistakes couples make when ordering wedding stationery


If you are reading this blog post, this means you are beginning the journey of ordering your wedding stationery! No need to feel scared or panic-ed as we have your back.

However before you start I really want to give you some tips that I feel most Brides & Groom's don't really think about until it is too late. I have put together the most common mistakes that I have seen over the years when it comes to ordering wedding stationery and put them into one blog post. So grab a cup of tea and read through the most common mistakes that could be made and what you can avoid doing.

Ordering the right amount of wedding invitations

I can not tell you how many times this has happened when a couple gets in touch saying they wants 200 invitations for their 200 guests. If you are thinking the same, stop right there! Most of your guests will most probably be couples so that halves the 200 invitations required down to 100 as lets face it, you only need one invitation per couple or family! So double check your guest list and count the correct number required.

Not ordering enough invitations.

It is sometimes best to always order 5 to 10 extra wedding invitations when placing your order. This is to cover any wedding invitations getting lost in the post or you might find you can invite a few extra guests. This is due to the fact that we have print minimums, so we can't just get 5 invitations printed due to the high costs. For an extra few £'s it would be worth ordering another 5 to 10 invitations to avoid this situation. It also means you get to keep some for yourself as a lovely keepsake.

Including the RSVP details and date

I have to remind a few of my couples to mention a date for your guests to RSVP by. This is so important as if some of your guests say no, you have time to ask your friends and family on the back-up list! You will also have a deadline set by your other suppliers such as caterers, where they wish to know the confirmed numbers.

Don't presume some guests might say no.

I have spoken to some of my couples who invite guests and assume they will say no when in reality they always say yes! So make sure to invite the guests you want to be there on the day on the first round. 

Those dreaded Typo's

I can't say it enough but when you send through your wording and your receive your digital drafts of your invitations. Double check and then triple check all the wording. Get another pair of eyes to have a look too as you will be amazed at how many little errors you don't see first hand. Especially when it comes to postcodes. 

If you ever need help or you are just unsure on how to go about ordering your stationery. Just drop me an email and we will be sure to help and put your mind at ease.

Cathryn May