6 things to include on your wedding invitation information card.

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If you are reading this blog post about what to include in your wedding information card. I am hoping that you are at the stage where the wedding venue is booked and you are ready to shout out to your guests about your big day. So once you have selected the design that you would like (if you have not, head over to my house collections to have a look at what I can provide) it is down to you to ensure you provide all the relevant information to your guests. Please see my top 5 tips to help remove any stress and guess work on what to include in your information card.

  1. Your invitation should always include the venue or where you are getting married. This allows your wedding guests to know where to be on the exact date. Your information details card should include any extra information about the local area such as local hotels, B&B’s and also local taxi ranks.

  2. If you are having guests come from outside of where your wedding venue is, its always best to provide directions. Your venue might be in the middle of the country which means phone signal and GPS doesn’t always work. This is where your directions will come in handy to ensure your guests arrive at your venue in the for your wedding ceremony.

  3. As stated in point 1, I would always advise listing a range of local accommodation that your guests can look at. If you are planning a family friendly wedding, you can always list local attractions that would be of interest for the guests the day before or after the wedding.

  4. Always mention parking. Guests always like to know what the parking options are like at your wedding venue. If you are getting married at a small venue, parking might be limited so you might want to advise yours guests of other options. Maybe set up a facebook page for lift sharing too…!

  5. Contact details for your wedding party is also very handy. Especially if your guests are running late or lost. It would take the pressure off of you as a bride and groom to be dealing with lost wedding guests. Let your ushers, bridesmaids or wedding planner deal will this stress or allocate that special aunty and uncle to help in this matter.

  6. Last but not least, this is a great place to let your guests know if you wedding is family friendly. If you want your wedding to be child free then this is a great opportunity to mention it. It avoids any awkward conversations with your friends and family once the invitations have been sent out.

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Cathryn May